Passion. That’s what drives us, motivates us and keep us going in the professional pursuit of excellence at FYRE. With a combined F&B experience of over a century, we have developed two game changers – The Original 1945 and The Mala Xiang Guo.

Our products are all made from premium Meat Slices to provide maximum tenderness and succulence, smoked hours over apple and lychee wood, before being slowly barbequed over a charcoal masonry. With state-of-the-art packaging technology, this is how we ensure that each and every slice of Meat will deliver perfection in flavor. Because that’s what we’re all about – providing you with a whole new experience, where every bite matters.

FYRE 由一群专业和热情的食品行家创立。凭借着热忱,信念以及多年的烹饪经验, FYRE 团队终于研发出两种独一无二本地传统佳节美食的口味。这两款分别是:传统手 工原味和麻辣香锅口味。

FYRE 肉干以古代做法为先,采用鲜嫩多汁的猪肉片,用苹果 和荔枝木烟熏后,放上火炭炉慢火烧烤。以确保产品持有新鲜品质,我们使用最新的 食品包装技术保证每片肉干带给我们尊贵的顾客一个全新的体验。