Compendium Kopi-O Liquer


Inspired by local kopitiam (heartland coffeeshop) culture, our Kopi-O Rum Liqueur offers a cheeky twist on the morning breakfast staple, kopi siew-dai (coffee with less sugar).

Our in-house distilled rum is cold-brewed with a special blend of ground coffee for 24 hours, then filtered through traditional ‘kopi socks’, and lightly sweetened with natural black sugar. Invigorating scents of fresh ground coffee beans, caramalized flavours on the palate and a light, familiar finish of coffee from your kopi stall.

Ingredients: Blanco Rum, Coffee Beans, Black Sugar

Alcohol Level: 20%
Bottle Format: 500ml

Bottle(s) will arrive in standard Kraft Paper carton.

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